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Helping women overcome entrepreneurial challenges through digital means


To become the driving force behind the growth & expansion of women entrepreneurship in India

SAHAAYY is working relentlessly to recognize the significant efforts as well as the potential of female-owned businesses to accelerate economic growth.




The story of Sahaayy has its roots in our childhood when we witnessed the many facets of women around us in the shape of our mother, grandmother, or even an aunt. Despite being a great cook, or an exceptional handicraft designer or even good at stitching, many of these women were restricted to their homes and never dreamt of commercializing their art or taking their skills to the next level.

Later, as we grew older and stepped into the professional world, We realized that unlike men, women in India faced countless barriers that caused them to give up their dreams and ambitions. Today, nearly 50% of the population in India constitutes women, but their talent remains largely untapped.

That triggered the idea of establishing 'Sahaayy' where 'She' with her many attributes such as patience, tolerance, and perseverance could grab hold of opportunities to widen her horizon. Our goal is to support women who aspire to be their own boss and grow as well as nurture their business.

At Sahaayy, we promote as well as support both established and aspiring women entrepreneurs by handholding them in the right direction. Put simply, we help them to unleash their potential, set up and steer their ventures on the path of success!


CA Namrata Jage

Chartered Accountant by profession, Namrata is a serial entrepreneur. Sahaayy is her brainchild driven by sheer dedication to serve businesswomen and support them in their growth and a way to give back to the society.

This dedication and her wealth of experience, successes and many failures, has grown into what we now know as "Sahaayy"

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CA Sukanya Joshi

Chartered Accountant by profession, Sukanya is an entrepreneur herself.  

She is passionate about developing businesses and helping them reach their full potential. Her professional experience has predominantly been in project and finance management. 

Her passion is to help make a difference and she lives this value in her voluntary work. 

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